Quality Charter

Our Quality Charter addresses the standards and demands of our corporate clients. All our Operational Finance Directors and Transition Managers have signed the Objective CASH Quality Charter. In doing so, they undertake to respect our standards:

  • Strict rules with regard to discretion and confidentiality,
  • Ethics, independence and the prevention of conflicts of interest,
  • Professional conduct during on-site missions (respect for colleagues, 100% availability and dedication to accomplish their mission),
  • Pair working (monitoring and supervising assignments within the framework of a standardized process, contact with internal partners every 48 hours at least),
  • Application of Objective CASH internal procedures. These procedures have been developed based on experience in the field: operational audits to be carried out by two Experienced Finance Directors and Transition Managers, technical control and quality control carried out in the field, formal meetings with client management teams at least once a month,
  • Team members take part in integration seminars and professional training programs developed by Objective CASH.