Our Strengths


Never just one transition manager or operational finance manager


Always a partnership or team of executives in activity in the field


We support and control our own transition managers and operational finance managers in the field

Quality Charter

All of our financial managers and managers have adhered to the Objectif CASH quality assurance charter

Because each background, each situation, each need is different...

Independent and “CASH” talk
  • Independence in diagnostics and performance of services
  • Pedagogy, empathy and a relationship based on trust with client teams
  • Seeking what is necessary in the company including one or two levels below management
  • Speaking to people as many times as necessary to resolve issues
Entry point: Finance
  • Capacity to translate a client's issue in various concrete and operational finance aspects: Accounting/Management Control/Cash-flow/CASH Management
  • Legitimacy of actions in clear figures
Continuity and regularity 
  • Permanent validation of the state of progress and proper performance of the project
  • Minimum contact with teams every 48 hours
  • Experience in complex or exceptional day-to-day corporate situations (>500 projects; >35 countries)
  • A customised client experience adapted to your needs
Immediate operability/Reactive
  • The capacity to perform action plans in a highly operational mode and in harmony with local teams (turnaround, preparation for transfer, preparation and integration of a takeover, etc.)
  • Operational teams supported and supervised in the field
  • Operation in partnership