Our Managers

Objectif CASH teams consist in experienced managers (Financial Directors, Financial Controllers, Cash Managers, Managing Directors, Human Resource Directors, Supply Chain Managers, etc.) who all have between 15 and 20 years of experience in their respective fields in various settings (no single experience).

They have all held operational responsibilities across various firms. They often started their careers in auditing or management control; the majority of the time, they were “trained” in a large group to learn about reporting, procedures and respect of deadlines.. Subsequently, the moved into various management posts at headquarter level or in subsidiaries where they learnt about operations being responsible for a P&L account and budgets. Finally, they took on various responsibilities in SMEs/SMIs or medium-sized enterprises; in these contexts they rolled up their sleeves and got involved on subjects such as cash-flow and funding growth (operational cash-flow, cash management, BFR, banking relations).

All Objectif CASH managers have opted for a professional career and chosen to work on a project-based SHORT-TERM basis.

  • In practice, this means:
  • availability,
  • mobility,
  • adaptability,
  • capacity to perform away from home,
  • team spirit and assistance,
  • capacity to remain positive in any situation,
  • integrity and personal respect,
  • discretion and confidentiality,
  • etc.

No team managers from Objectif CASH have a background as a consultant.