Our commitments

Objective Cash is a socially responsible company, dedicated to improving performance and ensuring successful real charge management.

We often come into contact with client companies that find themselves in a position where they suffer from a lack of cash, following prescription from shareholders (Investment Funds) or headquarters (General Management, Divisional Management, Group Finance Director). Our services are always carried out in the interest of the company and with total respect for existing management teams. Our missions are conducted according to the best practices for the management of companies in difficulty drawn up by the AFIC (French Capital Investors’ Association).
In concrete terms, the first aim of the solutions we provide to our clients (first 3 to 6 weeks) is to measure their performance (past, present and future) by:
  • setting up short-term cash-flow forecasts;
  • developing and implementing action plans to optimize short and mid-term management of Working Capital Requirements;
  •  identifying areas of loss and potential for increased productivity or profit;
  •  collaborating with company directors to establishing a revised Business Plan that fully takes into account the scale of the financial difficulty.
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This inventory (which is always discussed with our main contacts within the company) allows us to enter into the operational phase of our missions on a healthy basis (transparency) in order to make quick initial gains and to measure the progress of the operation.
During the second phase, (the following 2 to 3 months) our work in the field consists in adjusting the company organization in order to make it efficient enough to overcome the next hurdle and prepare to seize opportunities once the financial crisis is over. Ensuring long-term gains means stabilizing processes (in particular by documenting them), completing the training of the different teams involved and adapting the organization of management and information systems.
Our independence, the system we use to monitor managers in the field (pair work) and the close communication between our teams and the company directors and managers in the field guarantee an objective overview of the company and its future prospects. If the business forecasts are uncertain, we advise the setting up of a precise meeting schedule in order to review the chosen solutions on a regular basis with all the stakeholders, according to changes in the forecasts, particularly receipts and disbursements.

The aim of our recommendations and above all, our actions in the field alongside the permanent teams, is to ensure the long-term financial autonomy of the operational company. The experience we have acquired during previous missions allows us to rapidly identify best practices, adapt them to the context of the company in question, and to integrate them progressively into the current company-management cycle. Our independence (our teams have no hidden agenda), our listening and communication skills and our total commitment to respecting agreed schedules and to ensuring that they are respected, enable us to lead permanent teams to reach concrete goals and obtain rapid, tangible results.

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Throughout our missions, we pay careful attention to the consequences of restructuring measures (financial or operational) on the personal situation of company directors and employees (whether they are shareholders or not).

Our experience of crisis situations and loss of confidence allows us to prove to company directors that the lack of clear and precise figures and lack of transparency concerning figures weaken organizations and renders them highly vulnerable.

 Facing up to a financial crisis or commitments, overcoming a major hurdle and regaining credibility within the financial community (shareholders, bankers, insurers, credit companies, etc.) requires above all, a rapid flow of reliable figures concerning cash-flow, margins and order books.

Finally, our terms of compensation (and those of our teams), based exclusively on predetermined fixed fees (we never take success fees), guarantees our independence. The solutions we provide for our clients are always completely transparent and implemented in close collaboration with general management and operational management teams (Sales, Purchasing, Production, Marketing, etc.). Our goal is to understand the constraints of all of those involved in order to find the best balance for the company. We never transfer the financial problem to operational activities.

This is the main priority for our missions. It is our way of being a socially responsible company.