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Our expertise: "Bespoke" services for complex or exceptional day-to-day corporate situations!

During the last 15 years, Objectif CASH has performed over 550 projects with its experienced transition management team as well as organised projects.
This experience has been acquired in a variety of contexts: mergers and acquisitions (integration of a takeover or prepared transfer),strong growth,bolstering share equity or funding,
under performance,cash-flow crisis,poorly managed international operations,etc.
The expertise of Objectif CASH consists of properly understanding the stakes involved in any type of situation (the facts/figures/key people), in immediately offering an evaluation of the situation (operational and financial diagnosis) before implementing appropriate operational solutions for each situation (teams of field managers, no consultants), guaranteeing performance of services, regularly reporting on progress and being honest in all situations; the famous “CASH” talk “.


Projects assigned by clients

More often than not it is about supporting growth of companies under strong development (50%) or who intend to consolidate their sector (build up) but also immediately intervening in emergency situations (30%), as well as unclear or deteriorating situations (20%).
– Either to fill a hole in the organisational structure, creating a post or a department, replacing an operational director or manager at the last minute for several weeks or months: 50%
– Or bolstering internal teams during a commercial transformation project. Examples: strategic change, implementation of new organisations, a new management team or refunding non strategic assets, integration of acquisitions, international developments, change/migration in information system, etc.: 50 %
Projects have an average lifetime of 6 months for Financial Management; 9 to 12 months for General Management.



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Shareholders, do you want more cash?

You have invested in a company and you're asking yourself 4 essential questions :


Can the company reimburse its debt ?



Do we have a clear vision of the company’s performance?



If there are discrepancies in the reporting provided by the compagny, is there sufficient internal control?



Can we optimize the profitability of our investments and accelerate our ROI?


About Us

An independent firm

Specialised in Operational Finance Management and Transition Management, Objectif CASH provides you with solutions in exceptional and complex corporate situations.

Projects renewed95%
Client satisfaction100%
International groups50%
Medium-sized enterprises/SMEs supported by professional shareholders50%
Years of experience
Projects undertaken
30 000
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Our ethos

 “Transition management is not, aside for in some very rare cases, a resource available to companies to test an experienced manager in a stressful situation with a view to recruitment.
The role of transition management is, by its very definition, rooted in a short-term objective (several weeks to several months). Released from all internal politics, and consequently independent, a transition manager has the sole aim of acting and resolving a precise situation within the company. For instance, implementing the fundamental aspects of a role. Once the situation is ironed out or the project completed, the transition manager hands over to the internal teams and leaves the company. He is not there as a replacement.
Transition management therefore consists of provisionally handing over the reins of the company, any of its posts or a project to an experienced manager, generally to initiate or support a process of change.
The benefits for the client company are numerous. It allows for transformation of a fixed cost into a variable cost, to cast a new and independent look over an organisation or particular situation, to implement immediate actions using professional and experienced teams, to transfer operational expertise to internal teams to help increase their autonomy, etc.”

David BRAULT et Olivia SIEBER

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