Client relations

 “The world is changing, you are too.

Your habits and expectations are changing, you are seeking a more bespoke relation which meets your needs.

TO achieve this, and because for over a decade we have constantly adapted, Objectif CASH is today innovating in client relations.

Our aim: Creating, for you, a bespoke relation with clients, offering you more services, more solutions and more exchanges, leading to more meetings. “.

Olivia SIEBER-LAGRANGE, Client Relation Director

Our aim:

Offering value to everyone, in each company and transforming this into success at each given opportunity.


Because each background, each situation, each need is different.


More services to enrich our relation over time:

By offering new services adapted to your needs to meet expectations, creating services propitious to relations so as to be kept regularly informed of services which we offer.

More solutions offering you the very best of our expertise:

Providing you with solutions in exceptional or complex situations which are part of corporate life, customised supervision throughout the project but also, where appropriate, operation in partnership, namely one or more managers in the company, and a back-up for better reflection concerning the project with your requirements and aims.

More exchanges to live and share experiences between professionals:

We are innovating in order to propose new events formats, new places appropriate for meetings, new subjects, new partnerships and new publications, we remain in coherence in the choice of our investments (interlocutors, partnerships, subjects, locations) in order to create a link with our activities.

More meetings to collectively construct successful projects:

We regularly convene meetings between directors an professional shareholders in order to share good practices and exchange over current issues. We provide you with our extended network of partners (specialist lawyers, software publishers, experts involved in the ecosystem of financial management, professional shareholders or financial establishments)

Our aim:

Offering you a bespoke client experience adapted to your needs to collectively construct successful projects.